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Pinpoint & Reverse Negativity

Reversing Negative thoughts, Negativity

How to effectively bring positivity back into your life

Negativity is all around us affecting our lives. There are millions of people in this world that live in negativity. Whether at home or at the office, the environments we are in can often create different moods based on the circumstances. People can be frustrating, and that is why we have come up with a solution called Reversing Negativity. This is the process is designed to reverse negative elements that keep us from having harmony with ourselves and surroundings. We are the creators of thought. No one makes you think the way you do unless you allow them to control your mind. Your brain is the most complicated and yet most sensitive organ in your body. We want to show you how to pinpoint and rid the negativity in your life. 

Most people do not understand the importance of a healthy mind. What we input into our brain many types of experiences, all together form opinions and thought processes that furthermore push us towards action in a positive or negative light. So let's begin!

Step 1

Stop and find a quiet place, relax your body, take deep breaths for 5-7minutes. This clears your mind of any distractions and cloudiness of thought. The goal is to not let anything take away from this moment.

Now think deep about the negative things that have affected your life in the past week, month, year, or longer.

Power of Positive, Positivity, Transformation

Step 2

Picture when negativity started affecting your happiness. If you can remember the precise location, timeframe, and situation this will help. Now envision yourself walking away from these negative and harmful entities. You are now prepared to unwelcome them in your life. Picture your life without these entities for a moment. Would your health and wellness be more secure, happier, and more productive without these negative elements? 

Do the negative vibes come from family members or friends? The most common source for hurt and negative energy comes individuals that feel they can control your health and wellbeing.

The next step is vital for achieving happiness and health once again.

Step 3

Take control of your situation by confronting this individual(s).

Talk to them about the pain they have caused by their actions, words, and or negativity. Give them a moment to digest the conversation. Don't interrupt but listen to them explain. In many cases people especially those close to us will immediately feel remorse or be in a state of shock that they hurt you. Be ready to forgive them. If you need to think about how to start your conversation; you can use phrases like these:

  • I have felt after many conversations:

  • You may not realize this, but you make me feel less of a person because: 

  • You may not be aware of this but the words you said or actions you did caused pain and hurt in my life. 

Only narcissistic people with agendas will laugh and turn the hurt and pain around on you.

FYI - If you are dealing with a narcissistic person or someone who likes to gaslight you, know that there are not a lot of options to mend the relationship. The best thing to do is determine if the relationship with them needs to cease for a time or permanently. 

To Learn all about Narcissists and Gaslighters and know how to deal with them properly get our digital ebook that will help how you deal with these two types of toxic people. Change your life for the better! 

Narcissism, Gaslighters, Narcissistic People, Toxic People

Step 4

Forgiveness is the empowering action to liberate yourself.

Forgiving others is a key to truly liberate your inner self from the destructive behaviors and words imposed on you by those you are to forgive.

Forgiveness is not an option when wanting your life back from negativity and hurt. It doesn't mean you have to forget or fully trust them immediately, but it does mean that you have the power to create a new environment free from bitterness. Forgiveness is a Universal Principle that if used can free the other person from being in your midst to hurt and free yourself from the pain they have caused. Remember in life you may have trigger thoughts that might come up of the other person or situation. The key is let go of the past and live in the present of goodness, happiness, and future opportunities.

Steps to effectively remove negativity!

How Negativity affects the mind

Step 5

Move on and live your life to the fullest!

Move on! Live your life to the fullest. Stop letting negativity rule your life. If you want to attract positive energy into your life, build habits of positive and healthy thinking. Your life is up to you to make it what you want. No one has control over it but you. If everything in your life to others is never good enough, then it is time to find new people that believe in you. Your self-worth and confidence are priceless and not worth being destroyed at your own expense. Out with the bad and in with the good. This is a crucial habit. The world around you has hurt, pain, and negativity. The world also has joy, love, and strength to make your days better and fulfilled. Stop and look out your windows and see the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Download positive apps and utilize these to focus on good elements. Fill your life with positive energy such as music, meditation, and encouraging life changing reads. Hang out with positive and genuine people that truly have a love for life. You were created with an amazing gift called life. Enjoy your life to its fullest with no regrets!

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