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The power of enlightenment!

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369 Method, Manifesting
369 Manifestation, 399 Method

Chants & Mantras

Life Choices Power Mantras

Paths We Choose

"Choices made, paths unfold, Stories written, new and old, With each step, a new tale, In life's winds, we set sail."

Decisions and Destiny

"At the crossroads, we stand and gaze, Pondering paths, in life's maze, Our decisions shape our fate, With each choice, we create."

Wisdom in Choices

"Wisdom guide our choices true, In each action, in all we do, May our hearts lead the way, In the night and in the day."

Courage to Choose

"Brave are we who choose our road, Carrying light, heavy or light load, Forward we march, bold and free, Masters of our destiny."

Reflection and Growth

"In the mirror of time, we see, Choices past, what's come to be, Growing, learning, in life's dance, Every choice, a new chance."


Chants and Mantras is dedicated to helping individuals find their path to spiritual growth and inner peace. Our classes incorporate the ancient tradition of chanting and meditation to promote mindfulness, healing, and personal transformation. At our studio, you'll find a welcoming community of like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting each other on this journey. Join us to experience the transformative power of sound and explore new ways to live your life with purpose and intention.


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