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Life after Death

The mystery surrounding life after death is never ending. The unanswered questions, thoughts of wonder, and concern for one's soul, mind, and body, after the death of each. We assure you that we were not created to be robots, distant beings on earth, or a means to an end, but rather a being of hope and purpose for a better life. There is power in belief and assurance in the fact that we were created for something greater than ourselves!

Chants & Mantras

Life after Death Mantras!

Eternal Journey

"From star to star, from light to light, Our souls journey beyond the night, In death, not end, but a new start, Eternal journey of the heart."

Cycle of Life

"Life, death, the cycle turns, From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, In the cosmic dance, spirits soar, In death, we open a new door."

Spiritual Continuation

"Beyond the veil, spirits rise, Free from bonds, beyond the skies, In life and death, we find our way, Spirits eternal, night and day."

Peaceful Transition

"Into the light, we gently pass, Leaving behind the mortal glass, In peace we go, to realms above, Embraced by light, and endless love."

Universal Connection

"Connected we are, in life and death, In every breath, in every step, The universe within us lies, Beyond death, our spirit flies."


Practicing Life after Death chants can provide peace and assurance as we navigate the unknown. There is light and darkness and the hope for eternally bliss at the end of every soul's life. 


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