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The power of enlightenment!

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There are no set rules for meditating only suggestions for maximizing one's experience. We recommend reading this article first before starting your meditation journey. If you want to start a meditation time, click on the link below to experience one of our free mediation sequences. This is a guide how to meditate for beginners. 

Find a quiet place to sit and relax without any distractions.

The goal is to enter into a state of complete calm. Think of it as your get away place during the day or night. You control the time and element. 

Breathe deep for 1-2 minutes.

This clears your mind and helps bring a solid flow of oxygen into your brain. Breathing is helpful after a stressful day. It also helps release toxins in the brain when fresh oxygen is intently inhaled and exhaled. 

Find good meditative music.

Some great Apps we use to Meditate are Calm, Pandora, and Meditation Sequences. 

Let the music or quietness open your mind to a positive place.

Think of the things you would like to discharge from the mind such as stress, anger, anxiety, hurt, or any other emotion. Picture yourself being free from these while breathing deep and focusing on what it is you are desiring at the moment. If you are wanting something positive for the future, meditate often with this positive affirmation in front of your mind. 


Release these thoughts into oblivion and focus on positive and healthy conclusions.

The power of thought starts by the change within the mind then body, soul, and spirit. Love, hope, peace, forgiveness, contentment, are powerful elements to think on.

See yourself in this new calm place.

Visualize the good things you are trying to see for yourself in your life. Maybe you are desiring better things for your home life or healthier relationships. Whatever you meditate on its goal is to bring you into a state of calm, tranquility, focus, and healing.

A meditative session is however long you choose.

The average timeframe is 5-10 minutes. You are in control of this time that you have to experience meditation. 

A great webpage for more information is How to Meditate - Mindful

How to Start Meditating

Here is a basic way to start meditating

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